Hello world!

Hello, all!

This is my first WordPress blog and the first blog I’ve written in at least five years… I’ll do my best not to lose focus, as I go. I’m hoping to use this blog to promote my name and work a bit, especially my books, only one of which I’ve finished so far. The first step, for now, is getting my first novel published, so I suppose I could share that process with my readers (all zero of them right now).

My book is called Terra Incognita, and I have entered it into the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. Truthfully, I’ve been obsessing about it ever since… But I did make it through the first round unscathed, mostly.

The first round was judged by a 300-word pitch, basically a summary of the story and why anyone would want to read it. My novel is in the General Fiction’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy category, so I wrote about how certain elements appeal to readers of that genre. Plus there is a little romance in there, so the romance readers will enjoy that.

Now that I’ve made it through the first round, I’m trying not to think about this second round too much. Hopefully, this blog will help take my mind off of it. Also, I’m working on a short story (of less than 2,000 words) and hope to enter it in another contest soon. And, of course, I’ll be working on book two of the Terra Trilogy while I wait. I also work, sporadically, on my mystery series (but I’ll post more about it at another time).

I’m very excited about the ABNA contest, and there are so many talented writers who have entered. The grand prize is a $15,000 publishing contract with Penguin (USA). Of course, I’ve read many times over that even those who do not win are winners. Many authors have gone on to be published who made it to the quarter-finals and semi-finals, so that’s exciting too!

You can find the pitch for Terra Incognita under the “Works” tab above. The most recent pitch for Terra Incognita can be found via the “Books, Etc.” tab. Feel free to read over it and comment, if you like. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep up with this blog and keep everyone updated on the contest and whatnot.

Heather Riffle

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