First, I’m sorry to anyone who may read this blog. I had every intention of posting before now… but that’s covered in a previous post… 😉

In any case, I have been spending the majority of my time, since being cut from the 2011 ABNA, editing my entry. At first, my attention was divided between it and my Robin Hood story, but now I am completely focused on the editing of Terra Incognita. (Though, of course, I have been doing some Robin Hood research – movies, books, documentaries – so much fun! And I’m being serious here – I love it!)

I did some extensive editing of the first chapter (well, sort of) and added a prologue to my entry. I hope it’s helped make it more interesting to readers, and that it’s helped develop the characters more, etc., as one of my reviewers mentioned it was lacking in that department. Now, I will be patiently awaiting another review – a gracious offer made by one of the Amazon Vine Reviewers to any ABNAer who wished to be reviewed outside of the contest. Oh, how I hope for good things to be said… though I also will appreciate knowing what needs fixed. My heart was pounding, as I hit ‘send’ on that email – and it’s doing so a little now, as I think about it. It is very difficult for me to let other people read my work. I’m very shy and nervous (about most things) and my husband is the only other person who has read my book. But no matter what the reviewer says, I’m sure it will be helpful… 😀

So, once I’ve received that, I am considering posting my excerpt on here (probably under the ‘Works’ sections). I also hope to start submitting my story to agents and publishers, as soon as I finish editing.

Thanks for reading! I’ll do my best to post again soon…

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