Last night, I sent my first query to an agent… I guess we’ll see how that goes. 😀 I am planning on sending more queries sometime next week, I believe. If I got up the nerve to send this first one, I think I can do it again… and again… and again, if necessary. This particular query was via email, thus e-query. So, you know it gets there, pretty much as soon as you send it. From what I understand, it can also make response time a little shorter… maybe. Not all agencies suggest e-queries, so it’s best to know each individual’s guidelines, as with all other aspects of submission. I sent my query to Linn Prentis. They request that authors include a synopsis of their story, as well as the first 10 pages of their manuscript.

Research is a very important factor when you submit to any agency. So I have spent quite a bit of time looking up general tips and guidelines, as well as this particular agency’s preferences. Their blog contains tips for writers, which I found very helpful. I think, as I go along and submit to other agencies (unless, by some miracle, my first agency wants to represent my book) I will post links to any helpful material they provide.

I have officially taken my first step… and it’s pretty exciting and a little scary, too. Wish me luck (lots of it)!

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