Got a Bite…

Since I last posted, I have queried three more agents… after receiving a rejection from the Linn Prentis agency. I have now queried Andrea Somberg at the Harvey Klinger Agency, Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown LTD, and Jodi Reamer of Writer’s House. I sent all of these last night and have heard back from Andrea Somberg this evening, requesting the first 5 pages of my manuscript. Though there is a great chance my style won’t appeal to her, my hopes are high for now. If she doesn’t like it, I shall soldier on. 😀

I’m so excited… even for this little bit!

I’ll post more at a later date.

To all you aspiring authors out there: keep on writing and querying. Success is just around the corner… I can feel it! 😉

Edit: I have since discovered that Andrea Somberg requests that the first 5 pages be sent along with queries… so much for following my own advice on research, huh? Anyway, I’ll still take it as a good sign. So a little more advice, I suppose… If you find the agent within a given agency, it is probably best to find out if that specific agent has differing submission guidelines from that of the agency in general. I found her website after googling her name, so google is helpful in this case. Once I didn’t find a link on the agency’s website, I should have googled her right away… But, oh well, things are going alright so far. 😀

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