Ah, Rejection…

Hello, all! I do believe it has been a little too long in between posts… I know, I know… Shame on me… Anyway, I thought I would take this time to update you on the status of my agent querying. As of my last post, I have now been rejected by six of ten agents (one of whom was speaking for their entire agency). Wow. Now that I actually see the numbers, I’m not so worried. It seemed like so much more before I really looked at it… Pretty much all of them have been form rejections, meaning a set letter they send to pretty much everyone the agent rejects. Usually, they will insert your name… but not always. 😀 Anyway. I know I shouldn’t get discouraged… This is a big step in my career as a novelist… BUT even with this small number I was beginning to doubt myself. To doubt my work. And I know that many of you may be experiencing similar dilemmas. So, I wanted to share a blog with you that I found particularly helpful and interesting.

I hope it helps alleviate some of your doubts.

Until next time, keep on writing… and, of course, querying!

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