Happy Valentine’s Day!

Being a hopeless romantic, I can’t help enjoying this holiday… even if nothing’s happening for me on this day.  I’m not saying I don’t have a significant other… just that today was like most days… 😉   Anyway, I hope every one of you are enjoying your Valentine’s Days…

In celebration of this day of love, I thought I would share a tiny snippet from my book Terra Incognita.

Here is Haylee and Derik’s first kiss:

“There are no mates for… people like me.  But I am what I am, and we’re too different.” He held my eyes there, trying to drill the point into my head.  “It’s crazy and… even if it was possible, I’m just too dangerous for you to be with.”

There was that word again.  Dangerous.  What did they mean?

“Glenna says you have a past, something you’ve never even discussed with her.  Tell me.  Let me decide whether or not you’re too dangerous.  Because right now I don’t see it.  I can’t see it.  Don’t you think I deserve the chance to decide for myself?”  Somehow we had been drawn closer together as we spoke, and our faces were inches apart.  My eyes trailed down to his lips and back to his eyes.

“Haylee,” he whispered.  “It can never be… I don’t understand how it could…” And our lips met.

I threw my arms around his neck, and he pressed into the cot, both of us trying to get as close as possible.  He placed his hands behind my neck, pulling me toward him, keeping my head in place, and deepened the kiss.  Just when I thought I’d suffocate, he pulled back, breaking contact.  I tried to follow him, but he held me back.  We were both panting.  He leaned his forehead against mine.  “This is crazy.”

“I agree.  Let’s keep going,” I gasped, trying to move closer again.


I hope you enjoyed!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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