Meeting (ever so briefly) a Favorite Author…

Hello All!  Long time, no write?  Sorry about that…  I assure you, I am as sporadic as my blog posts… 😉  Ha ha, just kidding… mostly.

Late last week, I saw that Charlaine Harris would be discussing and signing her latest Sookie Stackhouse book at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, KY on Saturday, May 5th.  “Wait.  What?  Why didn’t I know about this sooner?” I asked myself… probably out loud, as I’m prone to talking to myself… aren’t we all?  In any case, I forced it to the back of my mind for a couple of days, got all excited about seeing The Avengers at the Bourbon Drive-in (it was awesome, by the way!) and slept in on Saturday morning.  While I was in the shower, I decided I’d just get ready as if I was going somewhere and (on a second’s notice) left a little after 4pm.  The signing was supposed to start at 7pm… and Lexington is about 2 hours away from where I live…  So…  Off I went.

I bought the book and was granted a ticket with the letter “Q” on it… After the discussion, they would begin calling letters to line up for signings…  The discussion was fun and interesting… of course, mostly about the book and upcoming projects.  There will be only one more Sookie novel, and Ms. Harris is starting a new series.  Oh, and big news for fans of the Harper Connelly series… it’s set to be a TV show on SyFy!  I love those books!

Anyway, after the discussion, I figured it would be a while before my letter was called, so I got a bite to eat and sat down in a quiet corner and started a new story myself (more on that later).  Finally, a little before 10:30pm, they announced for those holding tickets lettered “Q” to line up…. Yay, great!

The closer to the front of the line I got, the more nervous I became…  Okay, breathe… (alright, I know some of you are probably saying, “Oh, come on… you’re not another one of those people, are you?  Nervous to meet someone because they’re famous or whatnot…” No.  It has absolutely nothing to do with who she is… but that fact that she is a human being at all.  I get so scared when I have to talk to other people.  I’m shy, alright.  It can’t be helped… Anyway….)  So, I get up there and ask my one question I’ve been wanting to ask, “Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?”  (Ha!  I actually managed to ask my question!  Yes!)

She smiles at me.  “Yes.  I do!”

I smile back… though for the life of me can’t remember if I reply beyond that.  Maybe I said, “Great!”  … but I’m not sure.

“Read everything you can get your hands on.  Then sit your butt down in a chair and write,” she says (as close to her exact words as possible).

I left, taking a few more calming breaths and asking myself, “What did I say?”  I really couldn’t remember anything beyond my question, her answer, and smiles.  But, like I said, that’s about how nervous I get around most people… Okay, okay… Maybe I got a little more nervous in her presence.  But it was also very exciting… the whole experience but, especially, meeting an author I (as both a reader and a writer) admire.  And I got some much-needed writing time out of it!  So, yay me!

In any case, her advice is what you will get from a lot of writers, agents, and the like:  Read read read, write write write!  And repeat!  Good advice, all around.

So, yeah… that was my weekend.  How was yours?

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