Wow… Where Did I Go?

Oh! Here I am! 🙂  Yeah…  I kinda disappeared from the whole world for a while there…  I found out in late September that I’m expecting baby #2 and just dropped off the face of the planet after that… we’ll blame hormones… Ugh… Anyway… I promise I will do my utmost best to update more often from now on… at least until the end of May… 😀

So… what I’ve been up to since you last heard from me… really not much… I know, I know. Bad writer! Not writing and whatnot…  I did decide to use NaNoWriMo for motivation to finish up my NaNo 2011 story. So I was a rebel – Oh no! And I really did a great job the first week or so… then, much as I did in late September, I just stopped. I’ll keep my excuses to myself… I am very close to finishing the story. It’s just that… the end is always the most difficult part for me to write… I still can’t figure it out. I am really hoping to have it finished and somewhat edited in time for ABNA this coming year… At least that way I can choose between two stories instead of only having one option for entry.

We’ll see, I suppose…

Anyway… I hope everyone’s Autumn has been going well!  Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

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