Back in the saddle again…

(Ha ha… my title just makes me picture the opening to an episode of Supernatural…)

Well, hello, all…  It’s me… I’ve been gone for far too long… my energy is returning — it was all I could do (out of curiosity, I googled this idiom) to keep my eyes open, being pregnant while caring for a 3-year old — and, with it, my creativity and inspiration… so, my writing has FINALLY resumed!

Yay! I even made my husband smile in the car the other day on the way to dinner… I was sitting quietly, listening to the playlist he had made me (music helps, don’t ya’ know) and thinking about my work-in-progress, when an idea occurred to me and I had to write it down. I grabbed the notebook/journal out of my purse but couldn’t find a pen, so I fumbled (quite frantically, in fact) around in the console area between the seats, dropping his iPods (yes, he has two — he loves music). When he asked me what I needed, I just said, “Pen,” (because I was afraid if I said more, I’d lose my train of thought) and finally held up the pen that was supposed to be in my purse to begin with. As I began writing, my husband said it was like watching a painter get inspired… 🙂  He was happy for me. And the whole thing felt great.

In related news, I have finally managed to write the final scene for CREEPING SLOWLY & EVAPORATING. Yay! I now have a complete first draft!

Now, I just need to keep it up. And that is the plan… I also hope to keep the blog a little more up-to-date. We’ll see how that goes.

Until next time…

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