New and Improved…

… Well, hopefully.

Hello, Folks! It has been SO long. Life has been one long distraction, I’m afraid. I do apologize for my distractability (I was actually recently diagnosed with ADHD, so there ya’ go).

Not only have I let this blog go, I have, unfortunately, let my writing go for far too long. So, I am back to tell you I AM writing again!


Let me tell you my plan… The first stage is to find a professional editor for my first book (which some of you may remember as Terra Incognita, though I have changed the title – we’ll see if it sticks) and soon. While that’s happening, I will work on book two and maybe start on the third and final book. I hope to self-publish the trilogy all within a short time of each other later this year.

As of now, I intend to create my own covers (put that art degree to good use!) and I will reveal them, as I finish them. I think I have some good ideas there.

Now, this is a tentative plan, but I will do my best to stick to it. I’m hoping that by putting this out there, I will feel more obligated to follow through. Motivation is a BIG issue for me right now and I do have a lot of other (family and home related) things on my plate.

I really want this. And I hope you all do too.

It’s so exciting to be back!


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