Muse-ic Monday: A TIME-LOST Playlist

Music has so many different purposes in my life (for example, 80s rock is just so much fun, 90s country is intensely nostalgic, and you never know when you just might catch me dancing around the kitchen and singing along to “Juice”). And music has always served as a form of inspiration for me. (Note: My empath is a tremendous music lover and has very eclectic tastes, so I’ve learned about and listened to a great variety of music over the years. So many of my favorite musicians would have gone unknown to me if not for my empath.)

When it comes to inspiration for my books, I tend to lean toward what I call “moody” music. But there will be a few love songs and other types thrown in as well. These songs might not have the “feel” I’m looking for but the lyrics (even just a small section of them) can often represent a character or certain aspect of the story. Sometimes, a song might seem strange, out of place, or even silly, but I promise there was something about it that reminded me of or made me think about my book.

Below is a playlist of songs that I listened to while writing and editing THE TIME-LOST GIRL.

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