The TIME-LOST Writer: From (Literal) Dream to Literary Reality

It was 2005 or 2006, when I began writing THE TIME-LOST GIRL. I remember sitting in the living room on my laptop… Outside the window, I could see the sky changing from black to orange and pink as the sun rose—yes, I stayed up all night (and I’m still a night owl). My empath was sleeping in the next room as this new world poured out of me, streaming down through my fingertips, as I tried my best to keep up with it and tap the words out on the keyboard. I had written before, years ago in high school, and had written a couple fan fics since then. But this was the first story that really took over… Originally, entitled TERRA INCOGNITA, the idea came to me in a dream. In it, I was in that post-apocalyptic world, running from the creatures there, seeking sanctuary with that group of humans.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the story for long. It wasn’t until a few years later, in grad school, that I got back into writing it. Any chance I got—in between classes and during a couple—I wrote… and wrote. And wrote some more. Until I finally came to “The End” sometime in 2009/10.

I queried several agents in the years following, entered my book into a contest here and there, and received some awesome reviews from other writers on the website (which no longer exists)… but mostly I began writing other books. Many of them were also based on dreams or some little spark in my mind, but one is a sequel to THE TIME-LOST GIRL. As we go along on this adventure, I’ll tell you about the others.

So many things have happened in my real world since beginning this journey… I got married (that empath I mentioned earlier) around the time I started writing TIME-LOST, graduated from college, moved, started grad school, had two kids (henceforth known as Newt and Goose), moved back home in-between the two littles being born, and adopted innumerable cats along the way (and I plan on introducing you to each and every one of them).

I finally got up the courage to self-publish my debut novel last Halloween (and have followed it up with a second publication, HOW TO SPOT A VAMPIRE: A GUIDE FOR VEGETARIANS, to which I plan to dedicate another, probably much shorter, origin post).

If you would like to read THE TIME-LOST GIRL, you can find it on Amazon. It is available in ebook (it’s free if you have kindle unlimited!) and paperback formats.

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