3 Wishes

3 WISHES (working title)

“Do not light the candle.”

That was the message sixteen-year old Trudy’s grandfather left her. Too bad she had to light the candle in order to read the note. Now she has her very own genie — handsome Kai — and three wishes. Scratch that. Two wishes… since she accidentally used the first one. For her first real wish, Trudy asks to find true love like in the fairy tales. Of course, she doesn’t expect to find herself transported into the very book she had just been reading.

Trudy and Kai must travel through a dark forest — where they befriend talking animals and gypsies and discover powerful enemies — to a magical door that will finally take Trudy home. If she happens to find her prince along the way, so be it. But Kai has his own agenda: if he is not set free before his candle burns out, he is cursed to be a genie for eternity. And he thinks Trudy is the answer to his problem.

(this is a work-in-progress)

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