Creeping Slowly and Evaporating

CreepingCover temp cover made just for fun


Before 1732, humans believed Vampires were nothing more than superstition. Now they know better.

Never trust a Vampire.

Ali grew up hearing this motto but had never gotten the opportunity to follow it.  Until a little over a year ago, when she lost nearly all memory of the days leading up to her senior year of high school.

Because Ali knows a Vampire was responsible.

Starting college with a clean slate should make things easier. Her new therapist suggests hypnosis to retrieve those forgotten days.  When the therapy triggers nightmares and vivid flashbacks, Ali’s suspicions of Vampire involvement are confirmed.  As her memories become less jumbled, she worries she’s placed her trust in the wrong person.

Humans still don’t know everything about Vampires, and someone wants to keep it that way. Ali knows more than she should. If she can’t find the Vampire she’s beginning to remember so well, another one may find Ali first – if he hasn’t already.

(NaNoWriMo 2011, editing)



A tear trails down his cheek. His hands are cold on my face, and the intensity of his eyes holds me enthralled. Their blue depths swallow me like a wintery river. I struggle against the current but quickly realize the futility. I can’t reach the surface. He won’t let me. I’m drowning. I’m freezing…

But, somehow, I hear his voice through the ice above.

“This is the only gift I can give you, Ali. Forget. I do not exist. I never did. I am but a figment of a memory of a dream you cannot recall.”

And, just like that… all I have of him is gone.

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