How to Spot a Vampire: A Guide for Vegetarians


How to spot a Vampire in a pinch:

1. Red “V” patch 

2. Pointy canines 

3. Unnatural beauty and allure 

4. Can’t go out in sunlight

5. Inhuman strength and agility 

6. Cannot be trusted

Ali’s about to find out this list means nothing, because spotting a Vampire isn’t as straighforward as she’s been led to believe.

One year ago, Ali met her first Vampire…

Which would have been. So. Cool. Except she has no memory of the following days. In order to recover that lost part of herself, her therapist suggests hypnosis. But the resulting flashbacks and dreams cause more questions to arise. Was her best friend kidnapped? Did Ali really team up with a Vampire to find him? Did she develop feelings for that Vampire?! The answers are buried in her subconscious, if she could just access them. But what if she doesn’t like what she discovers?

And she’s not the only one with a vested interest in her memory retrieval. Someone is going to a lot of trouble… But do they want her to remember? Or will they stop at nothing to keep her memories hidden?

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