The Time-Lost Girl


During a horrifying encounter with a macabre creature with talon-like claws, seventeen-year old Haylee stumbles through a portal into a post-apocalyptic future.

The Pale Ones have propelled Haylee through time to claim a power she didn’t know she had, only to have her fall — literally — into the arms of the one person who can help her survive. Now, she must contend with attempts on her life, her feelings for the rudest man this side of time, and the emergence of an ability none of them could have anticipated.

THE TIME-LOST GIRL is a YA/adult crossover paranormal about finding love, friendship, and a sense of self in a world where the supernatural and superhuman collide. 

– – – – – – – – –

Also, here is a playlist of songs I listened to while writing and editing THE TIME-LOST GIRL. 

3 thoughts on “The Time-Lost Girl

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  2. Oh, thank you! It’s only on right now (link above), but I have entered this story into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest… so hopefully parts of it will be available for viewing there in upcoming months… 😉

    Also, I tried to visit your blog but it says it has been deleted.
    EDIT: found it! It must be new… I’ll check back periodically. 🙂

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