Coming Soon!

Hello, readers! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are having a great 2020, so far! Today, I want to talk about my next book, CREEPING SLOWLY AND EVAPORATING. Like my debut novel, it is a YA/adult crossover. CREEPING SLOWLY AND EVAPORATING is a paranormal romance featuring the little-known supernatural creature, the vampire. Kidding, … Continue reading Coming Soon!

2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is on!

2013 ABNA! Yay! The entry period begins on January 14, 2013... Of course, this year it has undergone some interesting changes. First, Penguin is no longer involved and the winners will be published through Amazon itself (physical and ebook formats). Second, there will be more winners and, thus, more prizes. In previous years, there were … Continue reading 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is on!